Gran Turismo 5 is on shelves

Actually on shelves!

If you walk into your nearest video game retailer this morning, you may find a gaggle of gamers staring queerly at the PlayStation 3 section.

They're no doubt bemused at the shiny sight of Gran Turismo 5, which is actually on shelves right now.

The long awaited, mega-tease of the past half decade can actually be grabbed, taken to a till, purchased, transported home and played. We know. Crazy.


Commenting on the launch, creator Kazunori Yamauchi said, "Gran Turismo 5 represents the latest milestone in a journey which has spanned a decade.

"The vision and the experience is such that it has attracted the attention of the whole motoring world.

"The result is a testing ground, a play ground and a showcase for motoring, built around the sport of racing," he added.

"Today we blend reality with the virtual: from the painstaking re-creation of existing cars to the redefinition, in Red Bull X1, of the future of motorsports."

We've had our paws all over GT5's wheel and given you the definitive verdict in our Gran Turismo 5 review. Have a look.