Comparison: GT4 smoother and more detailed than GT5

Sacrifices made to get 1080p and super-detailed cars running in current-gen racer

Gran Turismo 4 demonstrates smoother frame rates and, in places, greater environmental detail than its super-powered sequel, Gran Turismo 5 in a recent tech comparison.

A detriment to the stunning achievements of the PS2 classic, or telling of shortfalls in the current game depending on how you look at it (we say it's the former), a cleverly synced comparison video from tech man Digital Foundry reveals interesting graphical advantages in GT4 over its younger brother - the introduction of HD 1080p resolutions and ridiculously high-detail cars clearly showing its strain on the current-gen console.

"Gran Turismo 4 ran at a relatively meagre 632x448, so the leap to 1280x720, let alone 1280x1080, is vast enough in its own right. Factor in the superior lighting, longer draw distances and more highly refined art and it is clear that GT5 is the generational leap we were hoping for," says DF.

But "frame-rates on GT4 are undoubtedly higher and tearing, although present, is nowhere near as pronounced as it is in GT5," it notes.

"The modelling of the environments has changed significantly, perhaps for technical as well as artistic reasons. In terms of the actual make-up of the scenes, there are areas where the PS2 game actually features more environmental objects, though of course detail is much more simplistic compared to the new game."

The handling actually looks remarkably similar too. GT4 truly was a masterpiece. Head through the source link to see the video.

GT5 does, however, finally boast car damage - albeit a little slow to unlock. But once it's in full effect, we think you'll be pleased.

And the game's super-slick cars and pin-sharp HD visuals make a world of difference over the PS2's capabilities. We could never go back.

[ SOURCE: Digital Foundry ]