Uncharted 3: Is the desert the right decision?

Debate: Should Drake buy a ticket to Africa?

With the possibility of Uncharted 3 details arriving next month, the old rumour computer is starting to whir once again.

The latest bit of pseudo-info to seep out onto the net has been with regards to location, with shady but apparently "informed" sources saying we can expect Drake to take his adventures to the deserts of Africa.

It's a location that's made sense to Uncharted fans ever since parallels were drawn between Nate Drake and Indiana Jones.

"You're on my turf... sand"

But does the fact that the series bears such resemblance to the whip wielding hero's adventures make the desert a bit of an uninspired location? Could we find ourselves with big sense of been there, explored that?

On the other hand, it's an environment that's yet to be charted by the series and with Naughty Dog delivering such breathtaking scenes in the past, maybe we should have faith in the developer to breathe new life into a classic genre location.

It's not like we've never seen war-torn towns and jungles before, after all.

What do you think about the possibility of Drake travelling to the sandy dunes? Is it a journey that's long overdue or a location that's been overdone?


If Uncharted 3 was to go to Africa would you expect more of the same or a new approach to third-person adventuring?

And if you don't want Drake to get sand in his shoes, where would you like to see Uncharted 3 take place? Let us know in the comments below.