Epic Mickey dev hoping for good sales

"We made the best game we could," says Junction Point designer

Disney Epic Mickey's lead designer is hoping for good sales of his twisted platformer, despite the poor retail form of other core Wii games.

Junction Point's Paul Weaver told CVG ahead of Mickey's release that he believes gamers can tell his game has "a soul", which should give it an edge over Wii rivals.


"I think it comes down to belief at the end of the day and we've invested a huge amount of time and passion into the game," he said.

"I really do believe you can tell when a game has a soul, when people went in and made the very best game they could. I know we did at Junction Point.

"Obviously I hope it's very well received in the marketplace and with that in mind we hope for good sales. That's really going to be for the public to decide, for us we made the best game we could."

Disney Epic Mickey debuted at number 11 in the UK Wii Chart this weekend - and didn't even manage to break the top 40 in the all-formats chart.

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