Donkey Kong Country Returns trailer - Ant & Dec find what they were looking for

It's not Shaun Ryder...

Declan Donnelly looked rather perplexed when Ant dragged him deep into the jungle in the last Donkey Kong Country Returns advert. This time the pair have found what they're looking for. No, it's not a large stash of bananas but some Donkey Kong Country gameplay footage.

In the last advert Ant asked Dec if he liked bananas before promising hiom that he would love what they found. He's not wring. If you've read our Donkey Kong Country Returns review you'll know that it's an impressive, worthy successor to the Super NES series.

Donkey Kong Country Returns will be released for Wii on Friday. The advert, however, doesn't make ONM's list of the best Nintendo UK adverts of all time. And here are the mag's best Japanese adverts.