History Of Donkey Kong video lands

What is Donkey Kong's finest moment?

What's the best Donkey Kong game of all time? Perhaps Nintendo's new history of Donkey Kong video will help you decide as it shows off footage from his most famous games.

Donkey Kong is arguably the most important as not only was it Nintendo's big entry into the world of gaming, it also introduced us to Jumpman who would later become Mario.

We then see the game in action on Game & Watch and NES before moving on to Donkey Kong's big comeback. The awesome SNES platformer that was 1994's Donkey Kong Country. Next is 1999's Donkey Kong 64 followed by GameCube's Donkey Kong Jungle Beat.

Finally, there's some Donkey Kong Country Returns footage. Donkey Kong Country Returns will be released for Wii tomorrow. What to know if you should buy it? Here's our Donkey Kong Country Returns video