Modern warfare Total War: 'It's on our list' says dev

Modern day instalment possible, says Creative Assembly

If you've ever thought about the possibility of 'Modern Warfare Total War' then don't worry - so has Creative Assembly.

Speaking during an interview at the end of last week, Shogun 2's lead designer Jamie Fergusson and Total War lead artist Kevin McDowell mused with CVG about where the Total War series could go next.


"There's so many other things, there's China and modern warfare," said Fergusson.

"We have lots of different groups within the company that want to do different things. There are people who didn't think the 18th century was that much fun there are other guys who thought medieval's boring."

"We actually have a long shortlist of potential scenarios that include various sequels and also some things that we haven't seen yet," added McDowell who we pressed on the possibility of Total War set in modern times.

"If we thought we could make it work, that would necessitate quite a few changes to the way we design the game," he explained.

"We don't reskin stuff we just look at a game and decide what the best way of doing it is.

"Doing something modern would mean quite a few changes, meaning longer development time. But it's definitely possible, it's on our list."

Of course the focus at the moment is on Shogun 2 Total War, which will arrive on March 15, 2011.

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