Ghostbusters 360 patch out a year too late

Fire up the Proton Packs... again

Terminal Reality has released a Ghostbusters patch for Xbox 360 players, over a year after the game came out.

The fix finally allows players to pick up four Achievements that previously alluded budding busters thanks to a glitch.


Terminal Reality had this to say on its Facebook page:

"The Ghostbusters Xbox 360 multi-player patch
is now available! Many thanks to all of our wonderful supporters for their patience and continued support!

"The next step is to go get those achievements, and they are some doozies! Thanks to our awesome QA staff, we have a step - by - step walkthrough of how to go about...getting them. The guide will also be posted on the Terminal forums and our Facebook page as well."

At the time bustin' made us feel good to a degree, but ultimately disappointed. You might as well go back for that 1k though.

A sequel to Ghostbusters: The Game was confirmed yesterday and will arrive in the form of a PSN/XBLA and PC shooter.

Titled Sanctum of Slime, it'll feature four-player co-op and have you playing as the Rookie from the last outing.

[ SOURCE: Terminal Reality on Facebook ]