Warren Spector is happy that Epic Mickey polarises opinion

Junction Point chief cool with mixed Epic Mickey reviews

Warren Spector is pleased with mixed reviews his Epic Mickey adventure has received, arguing that he'd rather polarise opinion than get 8 out of 10 scores across the board.

"I've never worked on a game that's polarised people like this," Spector told MTV.


"Literally, we've got a half dozen perfect scores and I've also gotten the lowest scores I've ever gotten on any game I've ever worked on. In a weird sort of way, I think that's kind of cool. The fact that you're making something that people feel that strongly about either way is way better to me in a weird sort of way.

"Of course you want everybody to think you made the best game ever, but if we were trending at something like an 8 out of 10? I'd probably have to kill myself. It's kind of cool to polarise people in that way and have people feeling really passionate about it and talking a lot about it, I'm kind of jazzed about that."

Deux Ex, the game that made Warren Spector a big name in the games industry, received universal praise but that hasn't been the case with Epic Mickey with the camera in particular coming in for some criticism. We gave the game 7.5 in our Epic Mickey review, praising its freeform, deep exploration and replay value but criticising its platform levels.