Is Uncharted 3 coming to London?

Clues in teaser trailer point back to Britain

Will Uncharted 3 offer us some playable levels in the UK?

On closer inspection, yesterday's teaser trailer contains a host of British clues - from £20 notes to a mug from the very English-sounding 'Rapscallion Cafe'.


CVG's analysis of the short video also shows Naughty Dog doffing its cap to a foursome of Great British explorers: T E Lawrence, Bartram Thomas, Harry St John Philby and Sir Wilfred Thesiger.

And then there is perhaps the biggest clue of all: A partially obscured London phone number, with the long-held dialling code of '020'.

We know that the majority of Uncharted 3 will take place in the Arabian desert - but how would you feel about a couple of sections set in Ol' Blighty?

This video is no longer available