Is Red Dead Redemption really 2010's best game?

Debate: Does Rockstar's western deserve its VGA crown?

There's no doubt that Red Dead Redemption is one of the best titles to come out of 2010.

It grabbed all the headlines during the week of its release - and the surrounding weeks, for that matter - for everything from massive glitches to massive sales.

The cowboy sandbox game was certainly a huge success for both Rockstar and Take-Two making £10 million in its first two days and shifting five million copies in just under a month.


For us, it's not the numbers that matter - but the quality of the game itself. We absolutely loved Red Dead Redemption and placed it on top of our list as the best game of 2010.

The VGA judges seem to agree, awarding Red Dead Redemption Best Original Score and Best DLC for Undead Nightmare, as well as Game Of The Year.

Having said that, Mass Effect 2 received Best Xbox 360 Game and Best RPG at the VGAs, with developer Bioware being awarded Studio Of The Year.

There were plenty of titles picking up awards on the night, but which game has made 2010 for you?