Inafune starting new company 'Comcept'?

Ex-Capcom producer reportedly handing out 'Comcept' business cards

Odd one, this. Apparently, ex-Capcom man and Dead Rising creator Kenji Inafune may have started his own new company by the name of 'Comcept'.


It's reported that the famed Japanese designer, who has said he wants to continue making games but is yet to officially reveal any solid plans, met with an industry analyst in Tokyo recently, handing him a business card with the company name 'Comcept' on it.

This is according to Siliconera translations of a Tweet from said analyst, posted earlier today, who's seemingly honored to be the first to receive the new business card.

Following his sudden departure from Capcom, Inafune emerged with a new blog on which he declared his interest in continuing game development, as well as other projects, but revealed no further details.

[ SOURCE: Siliconera ]