Sega: 'Madworld would have been better on 360, PS3'

Violent Wii game may have been on the wrong platform

Sega's Alan Pritchard has admitted that Madworld may have been on the wrong platform, arguing that it possibly would have sold better on PS3 and 360.

Madworld, a violent graphic novel-style action game, seemed an odd fit for Wii when it was released last year but despite positive reviews, the game was a commercial flop.


"Going back 12 to 18 months when we released those titles, it was a risk," Sega West's VP of sales and marketing told Game Informer. "Nintendo was supportive of the strategy. There was an intent to take the Wii console a little older, and make a more core machine. So games like MadWorld, House of the Dead and The Conduit fit that strategy. House of the Dead is a more established and casual franchise, and that did very well. Conduit 2 is getting a good buzz."

Yet it was a different story for MadWorld. "It was a huge risk that we really believed in at the time, but the title did not sell well," Pritchard continued. "Was it on the wrong platform? I don't know. Would it have done better on 360 or PS3? Possibly"

Does it change Sega's attitude towards releasing hardcore games for the Wii? "I think we will look at some of those slightly more risky type opportunities, but very very carefully. We've still got high hopes for Conduit 2.

Yet with Conduit 2 on the way in February and House Of The Dead: Overkill 2 reported to be in development, it doesn't look like Sega is giving up on releasing hardcore games for the Wii.

[ SOURCE: Game Informer ]