Uncharted for PSP2 in the works - report

Drake and crew set for handheld debut on Sony's PSP sequel, rumours Game Informer

A new Uncharted game could be in the works for the "very powerful" PSP2, if new rumours are accurate.

Game Informer magazine says it's "heard" that an Uncharted "spin off" is headed to Sony's next-gen handheld, rumoured for release in "holiday 2011".


"The developers we talked to described the PSP2 as a very powerful machine," says the mag, adding: "We've even heard that a new Uncharted spin-off - which could even stand in for a full-on Uncharted 3 - is in the works."

The issue would have obviously gone to press before Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception - for PS3 - was revealed, but the thought of a spin-off is exciting.

The mag says the possibility of Uncharted on PSP2 "speaks to how powerful the graphics capabilities are for the handheld".

Recent reports suggest PSP2 will be "just over half as powerful as the PS3", although the smaller, lower-resolution screen means it will produce games of "comparable graphical quality".