Demon's Souls online extended

Servers will be supported 'for as long as possible'

Atlus USA has announced that online support for action RPG Demon's Souls will be extended for a second time.

The developer has pledged to keep the PS3 servers running into the title's second anniversary, making October 6, 2011 the earliest potential shutdown date.

"We've said it before and we'll say it again," said Aram Jabbari, manager of PR and sales at Atlus.


"We will support the online servers for Demon's Souls as long as we possibly can, and we'll be as transparent about the entire process as possible, hence us constantly updating folks as to what to expect.

"That said, we're starting to think..." he murmured before leaning closer, "the servers may have taken on a bit of a... life of their own.

"Have you played the game? It's not just one of the most brilliant role-playing games ever made; it's darn challenging, too. It's starting to feel like even if we wanted to, we couldn't shut things down."

He leaned even closer: "Honestly, we're more worried the servers will shut us down than the other way around," he whispered before leaning back and laughing aloud nervously.

A Demon's Souls 2 is entirely possible, according to SCE Japan Studio's Takeshi Kajii.