What will be 2011's Game of the Year?

Debate: Place your bets...

We know, it's January 1st and already we're asking you to predict 2011's Game of the Year. It's absolute lunacy!

But think of it as a little New Year game, a way of fishing out the Mystic Megs maybe.


We want to know what you think will be 2011's Game of the Year mainly because we're interested in your predictions, but also because 12 long months from now we want to look back and see who was wrong and who was so right there had to be witch-craft involved.

Maybe you're a Dead Space kind of guy and think the return of Isaac Clarke will herald a new standard in survival horror, or maybe you think cute and cuddly will win in the end with LittleBigPlanet 2 - it's already got one 10/10 from OPM.

Batman: Arkham City is looking like a strong contender to say the least, considering the popularity of Arkham Asylum, but then Red Dead Redemption topped a lot of lists this year so maybe Rockstar's L.A Noire is the one to watch.

Mass Effect 3 looks set to continue a massively acclaimed series but then Naughty Dog is also looking to dominate 2011 thanks the continuation of its own giant of a series with Uncharted 3.

There's loads more set for the coming year - what will the Nintendo 3DS throw up, for example? - but we don't have enough internet to write about them all.

So, with no real knowledge of how any of these big titles will turn out, let's turn off the lights and get stabbing.