Def Jam Rapstar gets Kinect update

Record your rhymes and upload them to the internet, bruv

Konami's released a patch for its MC'ing Singstar-alike, Def Jam Rapstar that introduces Kinect support.

Trainee rappers who've picked up Microsoft's motion cam are now able to use the device to record videos of their performances, and then upload them to the community, init.


"Load up your machine and you'll be prompted to download the patch, which will enable Kinect on your machine. Have fun ya'll, we can't wait to see your videos," says the official site.

Earlier this year CVG editor Tim Ingham asked whether Def Jam Rapstar could be the most important game of the year because of its capacity to uncover real music talent.

We reckon he just wanted to get on the tube ads, though.

[ SOURCE: Def Jam Rapstar ]