Former Sims head is now Second Life boss

Ex-EA Play label head now heads up Linden Labs

Rod Humble, former executive vice president of the EA Play label under which 'The Sims' franchise falls, is set to take over CEO duties at Second Life firm Linden Labs.


Second Life, for those who don't know, is the biggest social networking virtual world on PC - a PlayStation Home-style ordeal if you like, but longer-running, with a bigger more complex economy, more depth, and more fat, sweaty men pretending to be women so they can speak to women who'd never speak to fat sweaty men.

We assume at least - we're always too busy shooting stuff to death on our PCs to ever bother making an account.

Seems like a natural career move for Humble though, who also previously worked on PC MMO EverQuest as VP of product development at Sony Online Entertainment.

"Joining Linden Lab is a very exciting opportunity," said Humble, who will stand in for Linden's former CEO Mark Kingdon, who stood down in June this year.

"I have a long standing interest in the how the boundaries of society and economics change as communications evolve in new ways. Second Life is unique: it sits at the intersection of virtual worlds, avatars, and human contact. The Residents and developers of Second Life have built something very special, I am honored to join the talented team at Linden Lab to help expand this new frontier," he said.

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]