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Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam

DLC pack puts most full-priced games to shame...

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There are no novelty modes with restricted weapons, nor are there perks that enhance your character giving them an edge over others. And no, there are no exploding RC cars. What Battlefield always offers, and continues to do so with Vietnam, is engaging team-based war.

DICE are so confident in the incredible replayability of their core modes, Rush and Conquest, they feel no need for box-ticking frills. They never tell players 'how to have fun' by introducing increasingly complex rules; they just let us get on with it.


The squad that plays the game properly; the ones who spot/mark target for allies, repair vehicles, revive fallen friends and hand out the ammo will always win and have more fun.

Satisfaction in Vietnam doesn't come from being quicker than an opponent, or having better kit, but from being smarter and using what you have to wisely.

If that appeals to you, this is the best £10 you'll ever spend... well, providing you already own Bad Company 2, that is.

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The verdict

  • New weapons and Trophies
  • Cinematic thrills
  • True Teamwork
  • Great value for money
  • Flamethrower is a disappointment
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