Gran Turismo 5: 'A lesson in overhype'

Mailbox: Use your words...

In our last Mailbox David Lucas blew his top about Black Ops multiplayer.

This week Michael Haylett finds himself enjoying Gran Turismo 5 more and more, but is still baffled by some of the design decisions.

After initially thinking Gran Turismo 5 deserved a 75-80% review score, the more I play it, the more I think it deserves. Having completed 50% of the game, I think it's worth closer to an 85% review score.


After initial reservations, I'm pretty addicted to grinding my way through the game to level up, open up more races and afford the LM-like cars.

Some things are still baffling, though, so it's not the greatest console driving game ever. It's close, sure, but some of the design and menu and gameplay decisions hold it back.

Notice I said 'Driving' and not racing as if you really want to race play GRID or Burnout or NFS Hot Pursuit - this is all about cars, cars and more cars. For heaven's sake, the Top Gear Track tests invite you to tackle them in a Hippy Van, an Elise that slides about more than a pensioner on ice, and a 1944 WWII car.

As for the screen tearing and non-premium cars it was supposed to be the best looking driving game ever - but maybe this is a lesson to not get too hyped for a game.

It does 'drive' very well, and the Online mode looks to be a non credit, non XP earning place - annoying since I want that Trophy for having 1,000 cars in my garage.

Also baffling is that you only unlock the full damage model at Level 40! I'd prefer it if they'd scaled back the content and had time to polish and fix everything else.

PSM3 says: We've not had quite the backlash we expected to our 73% GT5 review score - a few folk mailed to thank us for speaking out against Yamauchi's game - but many of you love its huge scale, and masochistic, addictive stat grinding. The debate continues.

CVG says: Gran Turismo 5 really is a love it or hate it affair. Actually, that's harsh, it doesn't so much spark hate rather than apathy in some race fans.

Like Michael said, it almost isn't a racing game and takes a direction that leaves a confused feeling in a lot of people. As a driving game, however, and a showcase for car nuts, there's nothing quite like it in terms of size, content and (in most cases) presentation.

What harmed it though was the hype its previous track record, massive name and beyond lengthy development. It was always going to be difficult to match. Maybe the idea of Gran Turismo has actually surpassed Gran Turismo itself.

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