3DS to reward exercise with 'Game Coins'

Unlock game content by walking

The Nintendo 3DS looks set to reward gamers who exercise, by using its built-in pedometer to gift 'Game Coins'.

The 3DS can track players' steps and collect the data within a backend Activity Log. The surprise is it looks like Nintendo's set to encourage active 3DS use, dishing out the virtual currency based on how many steps you take.


'Game Coins' can then be used to unlock new content in 3DS titles, according to reports out of this weekend's Nintendo World event in Japan.

This could of course further increase the usefulness of the handheld's StreetPass mode, which automatically grabs nearby 3DS users' Miis and high scores when walking about outside.

Nintendo revealed the full launch line-up for 3DS in Japan yesterday. Super Street Fighter IV will join six other titles available on day one.

The Nintendo 3DS will launch in February in Japan, and will follow in March for the EU and US. Concrete release dates for territories in the West are expected to be announced on January 19 at consecutive 3DS preview events in Amsterdam and New York.

[ SOURCE: Nintendo 3DS Blog ]