Is Bungie's next game Dead Orbit?

US copyright filings hint at new Bungie goodies

Bungie is working on a new console, PC and online franchise for publisher Activision, and aside from some heavy hints suggesting it could feature a persistent MMO-style world, we know very little of the studio's plans.


But applications with the US copyright office unearthed by trademark sleuth Superannuation may give us a few more clues about the direction the Halo creator's headed in.

Bungie is said to have registered the domain names Seven Seraphs, Osiris, New Monarchy and Dead Orbit back in July 2010.

They're reportedly registered under artwork, but Superannuation points out that the "description can encompass all sorts of promotional and marketing like logos".

It's possible the domain names have nothing to do with Bungie's next game, but until an official announcement is made, the speculation over the studio's next IP is bound to rage on.

[ SOURCE: Examiner ]