PES star Messi 'plays FIFA a lot'

Teammate outs PES cover star's dirty FIFA affair

PES cover star Lionel Messi has been having a secret affair with rival footy sim FIFA 11, according to comments made by his Barcelona team mate.

Barcelona's Gerard Pique is quoted by one of EA's own Twitter accounts as stating that Messi - who's appeared on the box of all recent PES releases - plays FIFA 11 often.


"I play FIFA 11 on the road, in hotels and with the team. Messi and Iniesta also like to play allot," he said. We don't know about you lot, but we feel a little bit sick.

At FIFA's Ballon d'Or Gala award ceremony this week Pique challenged current FIFA Interactive World Cup champ Nenad Stojkovic to a game of FIFA 11 (and got spanked 3-0), as Lionel Messi "walked over to watch" (and possibly take some notes).

Who's best at FIFA; Messi, Iniesta or Pique? "Maybe I am!" the latter told EA.

The first person to send us a snap of Rooney playing PES wins two packs of Chewits.

[ SOURCE: Twitter ]