PS3 hackers respond to Sony lawsuit

They don't advocate piracy, were motivated by Sony's removal of OtherOS

A number of PS3 hackers currently facing legal heat from Sony have responded to the platform holder's charges by saying that they don't advocate piracy.


fail0verflow, the group partly responsible for reverse-engineering PS3's security key generation process, said on its site (via Yahoo): "Our motivation was Sony's removal of OtherOS.

"Our exclusive goal was, is, and always has been to get OtherOS back." It added that it has never "condoned, supported, approved of, or encouraged videogame [sic] piracy."

George Hotz, another hacker at the centre of the controversy, told BBC News: "I am a firm believer in digital rights. I would expect a company that prides itself on intellectual property to be well versed in the provisions of the law, so I am disappointed in Sony's current action."

He added: "I have spoken with legal counsel and I feel comfortable that Sony's action against me doesn't have any basis."