Milla Jovovich: 'People spend all day horrifically hating me'

Resi star talks about being hated by the fanboys

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What is it about Alice that makes you want to keep playing her?

Well, I was always a fan of really strong female characters growing up, watching Thundercats and She-Ra and reading comic books.

I was really into sci-fi and fantasy novels like the Dune series and Dragonlance. I was a real fantasy geek growing up. I grew up dancing as well, so being physical was always a part of my life.

When I got the opportunity to be a part of this game, it just seemed really fun because it was my brother's favourite game and he was thirteen.

I didn't like him playing the game alone, so I sat with him and suddenly got totally sucked into the world. We'd sit there for hours and play together and talk about it.

I thought it would be great if I could surprise my brother and say: "Guess what? I'm the chick from Resident Evil!" So I pretty much did it for him. I never expected the small film to snowball into what it's become.

At this point, I've met my husband through it; almost ten years of my life have been dedicated to it; and it gives me an opportunity to do what I love so much, which is fly and do really crazy stunts.

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