Uncharted 3 screenshots are fiery

New shots from burning villa gameplay

New Uncharted 3 screenshots have emerged on the internet.

There are ten in all and they show more of Nate and Sully getting a bit hot under the collar as they negotiate flames and goons.


The in-game screenshots come from the scenes that were released as gameplay footage at the beginning of the month, as the daredevil duo negotiate their way through a burning building.

We've seen this particular portion of the game more than we've seen our own mothers but Uncharted 3 is looking so good, we'll always welcome more media.

We've stuck a couple of the screens in here and you can find the rest at the source.

Developer Naughty Dog is apparently feeling the "crushing pressure" of matching the amazing Uncharted 2. It's not a task we'd like to take on.