Nintendo 3DS UK release date revealed

New portable arriving on March 25

Nintendo's just officially announced that 3DS will launch in the UK and Europe on March 25.

The announcement came via press materials from today's on-going Nintendo 3DS conference in Amsterdam, where CVG's news footsoldiers are hammering away at a sizzling, headline-inscribing keyboard.

The news means that the EU will get the console before the US, where 3DS will launch on March 27. However, Nintendo US has slapped a $249.99 suggested price-tag on the system - something Europe is yet to receive.

"Nintendo 3DS is not just about being able to watch and play in 3D without glasses - it also offers unique social experiences" said Laurent Fischer, Nintendo of Europe's Managing Director of Marketing & PR.

"In the way Wii brought families together, Nintendo 3DS will appeal to a broad range of people."


Check out our live stream of the 3DS press event here.