Nintendo 3DS launch event - LIVE

We're in Amsterdam, reporting as it happens...

If you've been living under a Sony/Microsoft-shaped rock for the past couple of months, you might not know that today is something of a biggun' for Nintendo gamers.

A near-simultaneous event in New York and Amsterdam is set to kick off in less than an hour - where we expect price, release date and launch line-up details for Nintendo's sexy new 3DS handheld will be revealed.

As you may expect, we're in Amsterdam - and have managed to pull ourselves away from its various temptations long enough to keep you up to date with all the news as it happens.

Keep an eye on this very page for more - and don't forget to refresh!

Hi folks. We're in. Waiting for it all to kick off. Here, enjoy our first snaps of the event while we wait...

Lovely bit of tunage going on here. Jonathan Ross was on the plane in front of us, so we reckon he might turn up for this.

We're expecting nothing less than full price and release announcements, plus the UK and Europe 3DS launch line-up to come out of this conference.

Later we'll be sitting down with Konami, Tecmo KOEI and Capcom to discuss their 3DS titles, plus we'll get some insight from Nintendo's big bods too.

Don't tell Nintendo, but we're sat right next to the Autocue. We're going to be half a second faster than everyone else.

The music's just gone quiet... and then gone back up again. Are we close?

Official Nintendo magazine flank our position. They've "wooped" already (at the man doing the mic test).

We feel a bit sad recognising tracks from the FIFA 11 soundtrack.

It's about to begin! Stage man 'Dan' has just come out to tell us about the fire exits. We're also told to keep quiet so you lot at home can hear the stream.

Jonathan Ross confirmed.

There's still not much happening here. Surely Wossy is seconds away though.

... aaaand here he is. The stage has burst into life with a thousand lights we didn't know were there. Ross has a massive pair of 3D glasses on. Not getting much work from the Beeb these days, but to be fair he is a gamer.

A very short intro from Ross and now marketing champ Laurenr Fisher is on stage. He's talking about Nintendo's 3D experimnts on GameCube.

He's just rolled a trailer. Lots of lifestyle models playing 3DS. Blue and black colours confirmed. We like that blue.

"We reinvented gamig with the original DS and then again with the Wii controller. Now 3DS is ready to reinvent gaming again," says Fisher.

Ross is doing his best to sound interested asking questions like, "can I play my old DS games?" We still love 'im.

"No other system contains so many tools to help developers create a fun experience."

Fisher is just running down the features. He's on the cameras at the moment.

BT to provide support for SpotPass in the UK, which is basically the 3DS version of Wii Connect 24.

Nintendo's just announced a deal to bring Eurosport content to 3DS via Spotpass. Sky 3D will also provide content. More details in the coming months. Exciting!

David Sproxton, head of Aardman has just walked on stage. They've been doing some stuff on DSi recently, you may remember.

"We've worked with some of the world's leading technology companies," boasts Sproxton, "... and now Nintendo."

This partnership is about innovation he says, but he won't tell us what is actually is.

Hold on. Aardman will be creating Shaun the Sheep content exclusively in 3D for 3DS. One minute shorts accessed via SpotPass by the end of the year.

They're running a clip of the Shaun the Sheep TV series now. Annoyingly catchy theme tune.

Fisher's back talking about StreetPass now, which is basically 3DS systems talking to eachother and swapping scores/characters as you approach them. You can opt to turn this off, he says.

Friend codes: you only need to input them once, says Fisher. Only one code for the entire system.

Wossy's introducing Ono-san from Capcom. Thankfully, he's not dressed as a woman.

"It's very cold today, no? We're in the middle of nowhere out here."

He's getting the audience to put their hands in the air and do a hydouken. We're typing, Mr. Ono.

Ho-ho! He just reffered to the 3DS as "Virtual Boy".

"Earlier we had a boring version of George Clooney, talking about StreetPass or something..."

He's focusing on the 3DS's network capabilities. We've got a feeling he's going to play Street Fighter with Reggie in New York.

"You can fight anywhere, anytime with anyone," says Ono.

StreetPass uses virtual figurines that have predicted battles as you walk near others. "Did you learn a little bit more about StreetPass there than from George Clooney?" He asks.

Channel Live will let us watch other players' battles online, says Ono-san. This is a feature that could only be implemented because of the 3DS's advanced features, he says.

35 characters set to be included.

Shibata-san, Nintendo Europe president is on stage (with Ono-san). Battle time?!

Nope Ono is gone. Aww.

Shibata-san talking shop. This could be the news we're after. Ross is now introducing Yves Guillemot, AKA Mr. Ubisoft.

Ubisoft will have 8 games in the launch period; Rayman, Combat of Giants, Splinter Cell, Driver, Rabbids, Ghost Recon, Hollywood Crimes and Asphalt.

US price just announced: $249. March 27.

Mr. Ubi and Shibata off stage. Konami's PES producers Enomoto and Hatsumi on stage.

Not many homes have 3DTVs but 3DS will help many people experience 3D, they say. They say they'd like to reinvent Konami's most famous franchises for 3D.

They're rolling a PES trailer. It's the same one we saw earlier this month (but in English) - look for it on the site now.

New camera system and lots of depth-related loveliness. More details on the news stream.

Konami out, Team Ninja's Yosuke Hayashi in. He's talking about Dead or Alive. So far he's not quite as erm, 'enthusistic' as Ono-san.

Trailer rolls. Is this new? Somebody tell us.

Only just clocked on that the "translators" are actually reading English scripts from the Autocue. Can we be cool 3DS event translators??

Hayashi is off now. Can we have a release date please?

Wossy's introducing George 'Fisher' Clooney back. Can we have a date??

He's talking about the Nintendo games here today; Nintendogs, Pilotwings, Steel Diver, Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Pilotwings.


Argh. They've rolled a video showing the 3DS's built-in software.

Shibata's back on stage. TELL US THE DATE.

Mii Maker, Face Invaders, internet browser and e-shop buil-in. GBA and Game Boy hits on Virtual Console.

Date?! No a launch video.

DOA, Street Fighter, Nintendogs, Monkey Ball, Ghost Recon, Driver, Lego Star Wars, Starfox, Resident Evil, Zelda, Splinter Cell, Asphalt, The Sims 3, Ridge Racer, Metal Gear shown.

DATE PRESS RELEASE OUT: It's March 25 in Europe.

Shibata's just confirmed what we already know; March 25 launch date in Europe.

No price. They say we'll have to refer to our individual retailers' trade prices... except they got an RRP in the US.

25 games at launch. Impressive stuff.

We'll go digging into the price, but that's it from us folks. Cheers for reading. See you in March...