PES: Konami keen on 3D console versions

"Definitely something I would like to do," says producer

Konami is "definitely" keen on bringing stereoscopic 3DS support to the home console versions of PES, it has told CVG.

The Japanese firm is currently gearing up for the release of its 3DS version of PES, which will hit shelves during the launch window of the console.

Speaking in a behind-closed-doors interview this afternoon, PES producer Naoya Hatsumi said that the small display of the 3DS brings charm that larger screens would struggle to emulate - but wouldn't rule out a PS3 or 360 3D version.


"This [3D] is definitely something that I would like to do on other consoles," he said. "But I must say I think that one of the strong points of the Nintendo 3DS compared to the others is the small display.

"It's almost like looking at a miniature garden - your little miniature world, and it's in 3D. This is a very special aspect of it...

"I would probably think about how to represent the game differently on a different console," he added.

PES 2011 3D will be the series' first launch title. Have a look at the debut trailer and launch details if you haven't already.