Blizzard: We don't intend to stop 'World of StarCraft' mod

YouTube copyright claims were' procedural' while developer discusses title issues with mod

Development on 'World of StarCraft' - a World of Warcraft-inspired StarCraft 2 mod that's kicked up quite a storm over the past few days - will likely continue under a different name, following approval from Blizzard.


Things looked to be getting hostile yesterday when YouTube videos of the mod were yanked from YouTube at the request of Blizzard citing copyright infringement, and lawyers contacting the man responsible, Ryan Winzell.

But Blizzard has since come out to clarify: "It was never our intention to stop development on the mod."

On the contrary, it explains: "With the name so closely resembling that of World of Warcraft, we wanted to discuss the title of the mod with the developer, and as part of our routine procedure, we contacted YouTube to request the video be removed while that discussion took place."

So it's just the title, as we expected, that Blizzard took issue with. The dev goes on to say: "We were also curious about the project and wanted to discuss with the developer what the mod entailed."

Not only, then, in Winzell's work safe, but in fact it's earned him quite a reputation, having been "contacted by Riot games in Los Angeles for a potential position in game design," he says in a recent blog post.

Good on you.

[ SOURCE: Via Kotaku ]