Hardcore gamers will be 'blown away' by 3DS - Nintendo

3DS will make core say "wow", promises UK GM

Hardcore gamers will be "blown away" when they play the Nintendo 3DS, reckons UK general manager David Yarnton.

Speaking at its 3DS event in Amsterdam this week, Yarnton and UK marketing manager James Honeywell insisted that the uniqueness of the 3D handheld will keep core players happy.


"For those people who wear the badge of honour saying 'I'm a hardcore gamer', I think they're just going to be blown away by 3DS because what we've got to offer no-one else can," Yarnton told CVG.

"The game content, the experience, the ease of being able to play against someone else from all around the world... I just think it's giving them something that's going to make them go 'wow'."

On day one, the UK boss said he expects a lot of "early adopters of technology" to pick up a DS - and not just gamers - because it's "the most affordable 3D entertainment device you can get."

"The other point is; what is your definition of a hardcore gamer?" marketing man Honeywell asked. "Now days those lines have really blurred. It's really weird - my mum plays more video games than I do. Is she a hardcore gamer?

"We know that there are certain people who like new technology and want to be first to have those things. There are people who like gadgets, people who like games... there'll be one of the 13 million people who already have a DS who'll want the next iteration too."

In the same interview, the Nintendo UK pair told CVG that 3DS is definitely worth the money.