Pre-order if you want a launch day 3DS - Nintendo

Early indication will help stock allocation, says UK GM

Nintendo UK has advised gamers who want to get their hands on a Nintendo 3DS at launch to pre-order the handheld.

Speaking at its 3DS event in Amsterdam last week, UK general manager David Yarnton and UK marketing manager James Honeywell said the Nintendo 3DS will be the platform holder's "biggest hardware launch ever" - so the safe bet would be to put your name down for one.


"I think for any of your readers it's important for them to get an early pre-order. That is what I would suggest," marketing man Honeywell told CVG.

"Go to your favourite retailer and put your name down because giving us that indication early on will help us to make sure there is enough, if that makes sense. If everyone rushes out at the last moment it's very difficult for us."

David Yarnton backed up Honeywell's statement, explaining that if the public express their demand for 3DS early via pre-orders, then it'll be easier for the platform holder to satisfy everyone on day-one.

"This will be our biggest launch ever as far as hardware goes," he said. "We're really recommending to our retailers to make sure they look at pre-orders - proper pre-orders with a deposit - because if we suddenly get to launch and we don't know what the demand is, we'll ship all the stock out and find out it's not enough.

"But if we get pre-orders it helps us with our forecasting and allows us to be able to make sure we can satisfy day one demand for people who've put some money down, and on top of that we get a better indication for production to make sure we've got stock coming through."

Yarnton stressed that Nintendo's advice isn't a "hype thing": "A lot of companies talk about pre-orders as a hype thing to try and get big day one numbers, but for us - because with hardware you can't just turn the tap on, there's a longer lead time - we need to get early indication of what the demand is," he said.

Last Friday an MCV report claimed ten titles will be available on UK 3DS launch day, including Street Fighter, PES and Nintendogs.