Nintendo on 3DS: 'Our biggest launch ever'

Pt. 1: UK boss David Yarnton on launch, price and pre-orders

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Yarnton: When we looked at the numbers back in 2008 and 2009 on DS and Wii, we would've said we were confident of the numbers we were bringing in and then we were blown away.

You didn't announce an RRP in the Amsterdam press conference, but retailers have been listing 3DS for between £219 and £230. Is that in line with what you were expecting?

Yarnton:Yeah it's what we've heard, it's sort of anywhere around that up to £230.

It's the most expensive hardware Nintendo's put out in many years. Is it worth the money?

Yarnton: Most definitely. When you look at what it does compared to anything else on the market and beyond as far as not just gaming... once people get their hands on it it's is great value because it doesn't do just what they'd expect from traditional gaming.

A lot of the other features that are coming through with it as an entertainment device as well as just gaming - the downloadable content from people like Sky and Eurosport and those sorts of things... with 3D without glasses there's nothing else on the market at that sort of price.

Honeywell: You're right. Even just thinking about 3D in itself there's so much functionality even beyond that. I think it's one of the most complete packages we've ever done.

Laurent [Fischer] was on stage earlier saying we've given this really broad toolkit to developers - a broader toolkit than probably anyone's ever given with any console - and those things obviously come at a price. I think we feel confident that people will feel that they get value for money from it and they will feel that it's truly a new experience.

I really suggest that everyone comes down and has a go - find one of our events and experience it yourself because trying to verbalise how that 3d effect comes across is very, very difficult. It's all about getting your hands on it yourself.

Look out for part two of our interview with David Yarnton and James Honeywell early next week.

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