Impressive Half-Life fan film released

Beyond Black Mesa has Combine, Striders and... kung-fu?!

A Half-Life fan film, 'Beyond Black Mesa', was released over the weekend - and it's mighty impressive.

The team behind the film shot the entire project in their spare time, reports PC Gamer, taking seven film makers two years and $1,200 to make.

Close Close

It looks and sounds the part, with Half-Life: Opposing Forces lead Adrian Shephard going about his post-Black Mesa business.

We can't remember the kung-fu and 28 Days Later zombie sections in the original shooter, but we won't begrudge what is an otherwise nicely done fan production.

Half-Life dev Valve's previously said the only way a proper series film could ever exist is if it made it itself. But apparently, that's not all that unlikely.

[ SOURCE: PC Gamer ]