New Final Fantasy Versus XIII details

Tetsuya Nomura hints 2012 release

Final Fantasy Versus XIII director Tetsuya Nomura has outlined a few key details from the game's latest trailer released early last week.

The trailer featured the first proper gameplay footage for Nomura's Versus XII.


Speaking to Dengeki PlayStation (via Andriasang) Nomura spoke briefly about the game's main character Noctis Lucis Caelum, and briefly discussed a few important elements of the battle system.

Touching on the game's battle screen, Nomura said that the commands visible in the video were for Magic, Item, Summon and EX-ARTS. He went on to tease fans by saying that as well as his great physical ability Noctis, a royal prince, has a secret power that only the royal family possess.

According to Nomura Versus' combat system is party based, giving the player a max of three characters to control. Members can be swapped in and out, with more freedom of choice given in later parts of the game.

Although four characters are shown in trailers, Nomura has said there will be more to choose from, all of which have different attack capabilities.

Noctis is the only character that is able to use all of the weapon types available in the game and other characters also have unique specialities. He used a gun user as an example, detailing the ability to switch to a third person view for precise aiming and exploit weak points.

Next Nomura moved on to vehicles. Players will be able to take control of armored mech vehicles and steal army vehicles such as tanks and cars.

He went on to talk about the animated character portraits, which the team was experimenting with to display character emotions.

Nomaru wrapped up the interview by revealing the next update on the game will be at the earliest E3 in June. He also hinted that Versus could see a 2012 release.

Versus XIII is still looking like a PlayStation 3 exclusive, after no mention was made of Xbox 360 at a Japanese showcase.

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]