Yoostar 2: A better attempt at You're in the Movies?

Kinect enabled dramatics...

We well recall our foray into incredibly amateur dramatics with You're In The Movies only a couple of short years ago - we were almost having fun until we saw the results.

No matter how we tried to arrange our playing space, we only ever appeared in the game's mocked-up movies in the form of a splat of pixellated ectoplasm.

It was a nice idea, but the Live Vision Cam simply wasn't up to the job.

Yoostar is a similar concept which has been quietly entertaining some PC and Mac gamers on a limited basis for a few months, but now they've opened out the ever-expanding project for console gamers, and slapped an apparently nonsensical '2' on it, and we have only a few months until Kinect gamers all around the world are expected to join in and start flexing their thespian muscles on Xbox Live.


However, unlike YITM, this isn't about messing with generic movie set-ups, but putting yourself in the midst of classic scenes from the last century of cinema.

That means a little less scope for originality if you want to rack up the scores, but far more opportunity to disgust your friends with your rubbish Arnie impression.

How it works should be obvious enough: you choose your scene, and your role in that scene. Place yourself in the frame correctly, and, just like karaoke, read your script at the right time and let the software do the rest of the work, erasing the existing actors and replacing them with your own giggling performances.

As with the likes of Lips, you'll then be judged on your performance and have the option of sharing your tour-de-force with the whole world via Live, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.

But more to the point, theory aside, does it actually work? Well, having had the pleasure of bringing Boris Karloff's Monster to life in Frankenstein, and taken part in a scene from The Hangover, we can confirm that it works very nicely indeed, thank you.

The game element is beside the point, really - this is party parlour game fare, with a gang of mates, a few drinks, and an opportunity to turn The Wizard of Oz into absolute filth.

Well, The Wizard of Oz, or Cheech & Chong. Or Casablanca. Or The Muppet Movie. Or Nosferatu. Or Mad Men. Or Gladiator. Or Psycho.

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