Games piracy 'heyday' in the past - Nintendo

Platform holder has learnt a lot and improved security, says UK boss

The 3DS contains the most sophisticated anti-piracy technology of any console in Nintendo history, UK general manager David Yarnton has told CVG - and arrives at a time when illegal software distributors are under greater threat than ever.

Speaking at its 3DS event in Amsterdam last week, Yarnton and UK marketing manager James Honeywell said that thanks to improved security and changes in international law they now see a time when piracy isn't viable.


"It's always like a red rag to a bull isn't it? I almost don't want to comment on that sort of thing," said Yarnton, when pointed to THQ boss Ian Curran's comments in a CVG interview, in which the VP talked of his faith in 3DS's anti-piracy tech.

"We can't divulge any technical details on that but needless to say this is probably one of our best pieces of equipment in that respect. There are a lot of things we've learnt over time to try and improve the security and protection - not only of our IP but of our third-party publishers' IP as well.

"It's not just to the extent of the technical side but on a global basis many countries and governments are recognising that the IP of creative industries and such needs to be protected," he added. "There are things happening all the time, but as I said if you went and made bold statements saying 'this is uncrackable'..."

Marketing man Honeywell echoed Yarnton's comments on international law changes, telling CVG he now sees a time when game piracy isn't viable.

"There's definitely a step change coming and you see it in various countries around the world," he said. "People are aware that video games, music and movies make massive contributions to the economies of countries. They need to make sure they start protecting those things.

"I think perhaps there's been a 'heyday of piracy' and we've now seen a lot of rules come in to stop it."

Yarnton added: "Recently there's been some quite significant cases where there were some grey areas as far as IP protection goes. Recently there have been a couple of rulings with R4s where people have been found guilty and had quite significant sentences against them.

"This now makes a precedent that potentially in the future it won't be a viable thing for people to do."

In the same interview, the Nintendo UK pair told CVG that 3DS is definitely worth the money.