PlayStation Phone officially revealed: Video

Full preview hits the net with pictures, video and details

Finally. This is it; the PlayStation Phone. It's called the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play and it's finally been let out of Sony's leaky laboratories for people to see properly.

Engadget's got the scoop, analising every aspect of the hardware with their usual detailed scrutiny.


Everything pretty much reiterates the full specs of the machine which were pretty much blown wide open in a recent leak.

Details on the most important bit - the PlayStation gaming bit - are rather light. The site still appears to have no firm idea of how games will be purchased on the system although it seems a it'll work like PSPgo with direct access to an online market of downloadable PSP games.

And so, hilariously, to test the machine's gaming competence the site runs a PlayStation 1 emulator on it. There's video of that below, along with one on its wider feature set. Hit the source link for the full preview.

[ SOURCE: Engadget ]