Epic: PSP2 '4 times as powerful as any other handheld'

Gears Of War creator gives the thumbs up

Gears Of War creator Epic Games has claimed that the graphical processing power of PSP2 - codenamed NGP by Sony - is four times as powerful as any other handheld gaming device in existence.

Studio founder Tim Sweeney took to the stage in Tokyo earlier today to show off an Unreal Engine 3 tech demo on the device - an update version of the studio's Epic Citadel, which took place in a snowstorm.


It looked extremely impressive according to CVG's attendee - "another title that really did look like it should be running on a PS3" - and Sweeney explained just why.

"This is made possible by Sony's multi-core GPU," he said, "which is roughly four times as powerful as any portable we've previously seen."

Sweeney went on to demo an NGP version of Epic's Dungeon Defenders, which he said offered "console controls for movement and touch screen controls for interaction."

Sweeney finished his time on stage with more excited words about NGp. He concluded:

"We're very excited and think you'll be stunned at what's possible on Sony's next generation portable platform."

Sony officially announced the device first thing this morning, confirming that it has two touch-screens on the front and back of the device, two thumbsticks and a five inch OLED screen.