Shift 2 trailer: 'The most realistic racer ever'

Look out, Polyphony. New Need for Speed video makes lofty claim

It looks like EA is chasing after Gran Turismo 5's crown with Need for Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed, with a new trailer for the game proclaiming it to be "the most realistic racer ever".


EA released a batch of new details earlier today, laying out most of the game's key features, including the promise that it'll "redefine the racing simulator genre".

Now we have a new video that shows some pretty impressive footage of cars going fast, different racing disciplines in action, tyre smoke and plenty of drifting. But can it rightly claim the crown as the world's "most realistic racing game"?

We'll be the judge of that when it's out on March 24. For now, we'll let you guys put the video below under close scrutiny.

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