Sony NGP trailer shows Resistance, Killzone gameplay

Another look at the PSP2 line-up

A trailer for the Sony NGP has hit the net showing off some of the handheld's upcoming titles.

It's one of the many little promo trailers shown at the NGP reveal last week, so you'll have probably caught glimpses of this elsewhere in true wobbly-cam style.

But now's your chance to have a look at the likes of Killzone, Resistance, LittleBigPlanet and a batch of others in a quality that's more to our liking:

Close Close

The games look more than a little impressive, we think you'll agree, and that's meant that most people are concerned about what kind of price Sony will demand for the NGP.

Fears have been dampened slightly with publishers like Ubisoft reassuring gamers that the cost will be "attractive" and Sony saying it will be affordable. We'll see soon enough.