Iwata: 'Why I won't comment on Sony NGP'

Nintendo's president claims he's been misinterpreted in the past

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has explained why he refuses to comment on Sony's NGP and get drawn into a potential handheld console war. He claims that he's had his fingers burnt in the past when commenting on Apple iPad.

Iwata had argued that it's not for him, but the customers to decide between NGP and 3DS but now he has perhaps revealed the real reason why he won't give his impressions of Sony's new handheld.


"You may feel that I should share at least my own personal impressions," he told investors. "I think it was at the same Financial Briefing we held this time one year ago that I was asked to share my impressions of iPad, which was announced shortly before our event.

"At that time, I said, "it felt like the introduction of a larger iPod touch," and my comment made the audience laugh. Because I was asked to do so, I just shared my honest first impression without any positive or negative inclinations at all."

He added: "However, my first impression was somehow misinterpreted and spread as if the president of Nintendo had discredited iPad by calling it, "merely a bigger version of iPod touch."

Iwata then admitted that his original comments may have been poorly translated and taken out of context.

"Maybe there was something wrong in the translations from my Japanese comment into English, which were once again translated into Japanese and reported in Japan with different implications than my original comment, but some people thought and commented on the Internet that, "Nintendo's president is outrageous," and I had to read their such remarks again on the Net, and I felt that the situation had become quite surreal. (laughter) That incident made me realize that I must refrain from sharing even very frank first impressions."

[ SOURCE: Nintendo ]