Sony NGP games: What are you after?

Debate: A chance to create a killer launch line-up...

With the announcement of the Sony NGP (or PSP2 for those not down with the new acronym) gamers are in somewhat of a awkward position.


At long last we've got one of those bitter-sweet decisions to make again. We have an important choice, between the undeniably impressive Nintendo 3DS and Sony's new juggernaut of a handheld.

Unless you're a lifelong Sony or Nintendo faithful fan, and are willing to drop the cash for their respective handheld without considering the competition - or able to pick up both - you're going to be doing a lot of thinking about which of the two to splash out on.

This is where the launch games usually strut their stuff. Usually.

We say it's an awkward position because Nintendo's launch line-up is...well, it's not exactly blowing anyone away. Sure, Street Fighter looks ace, PES 2011 is shaping up to be the best portable footy title yet and Steel Diver has generated some buzz, but the early offerings lack Nintendo's wow factor.

The chirpy plumber, sword wielding Elf and Pokemon are all noticeably absent from the 3DS launch line-up, and this will no doubt be a bit of a bummer for a lot of people.

Sony isn't in much of a better position either. Although it's dazzled us with impressive specs, gleaming hardware and videos of games such as Uncharted, Resistance and Killzone - all looking surprisingly similar to their PS3 counterparts - it hasn't said whether any of these titles will be part of its launch line-up.

In this respect Sony is in a position where it could get the edge. With no games currently confirmed for release, the NGP has the perfect chance to come out with its big guns blazing.

With that said we're turning to you: what games would get you on board with Sony's new handheld?

Be they first-party exclusives, returning franchises, third-party titles or even PlayStation Minis - what in particular would make you part with your hard-earned?