3G 3DS unlikely - Iwata

Nintendo boss doesn't want users to pay monthly fees

Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata has explained why Nintendo 3DS won't feature 3G technology. After reviewing the possibility, Nintendo has decided that it doesn't want its fans to have to pay monthly fees.

"As I have been constantly saying, the need to ask our consumers to shoulder monthly payments is not a great match for the entertainment that we are dealing with," Iwata told investors.


"Of course, there are people who are willing to pay monthly fees in order to enjoy certain functions. However, Nintendo is a company who wants as many consumers as possible to enjoy our proposals."

He added: "Accordingly, as long as we need to ask our consumers to pay additional costs every month, it is unlikely to become one of our viable options."

In the same investors Q&A, Iwata discussed Pokémon 3DS and 3DS pre-installed software.

[ SOURCE: Official Nintendo Magazine ]