Marvel vs Capcom 3 review - 90% in GamesMaster

Capcom's latest brawler gets a thumbs up

GamesMaster has printed one of the world's first Marvel vs. Capcom review write-ups, and according to the mag, the franchise has returned fighting fit after ten long absent years.


Summed up by the mag as "Street Fighter IV's clinically insane but utterly awesome little brother", Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is given a whopping 90 per cent score - and GM's coveted Gold Award.

The mag describes the title as "the most explosive, OTT, fan-pleasing 2D fighting game the world's ever seen".

GM praises the game for using "a decade's worth of technological progress" to "bring comic books to life on your TV" and calls the 3v3 tag battles "simply, peerless".

Though it says that new players may have "a hard time following what's going on let alone influence the chaos" the simplified control system always "makes something spectacular happen" so anyone can enjoy it.

Fights feature "a few moments of magnificence per match" thanks to the lenient mechanics but also engages the hardcore fighting game player through "ludicrously complex combos".

Although some might find MvC 3 "too explosive for its own good", the folks over at GM said "they can't get enough".

The write-up comes after MadCatz's announcement of its new limited edition Arcade FightStick for the game.

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