Battlefield 3 dev: 'You can't kill CoD by copying'

DICE needs to make "a better shooter" to dethrone Activision, says designer

Battlefield 3 needs to be "a better shooter" in order to dethrone Call of Duty from its FPS throne, says EA senior gamplay designer Alan Kertz.

Speaking to fans via Twitter, Kertz wrote: "You don't kill COD by trying to be COD. You kill COD by making a better shooter."


The DICE man also promised a significant amount of depth over the last Battlefield instalment:

"BF3 will be deeper than BF2," he wrote. "That said we've paid a lot of attention to keeping depth while pacing the learning curve.

"BF3 is the sequel to BF2. It's not BC3. No, grappling hook and zipline are not in the plan."

EA revealed this week that Battlefield 3 will be released in the autumn, via the first trailer for the game.

Subsequent retail listings leaked a whole load more information about the game, including the fact it will feature battles in Paris, Tehran and New York.

[ SOURCE: Twitter ]