Sky Sports in trouble for EA branding

Man moans to Ofcom about logos during coverage

Sky Sports is taking heat from media regulator Ofcom for displaying "blatant" and "irrelevant" EA Sports logos alongside some of its football match graphics.

During both live football coverage and pre- and post-match commentary, EA Sports' logo appears alongside certain match statistics, leading a viewer (yes, a single viewer) to complain that the branding is "unnecessary".


According to Media Week, Sky's since explained that EA is contracted to the Premier League as the "Official Sports Technology Partner" and it's contracted to display an on-screen credit.

Sky Sports added that "no specific product or service" is mentioned and that no "sales messages" are present as part of the EA Sports logos.

However (this is where it gets complicated), Ofcom is arguing that EA Sports is not actually an official technology partner as it does not supply any of the match data itself.

Thus, the telly watchdog says it does not accept that there is any editorial justification for Sky to display the EA logos, and claims the broadcaster's broken a number of rules.

So to summarise, it's OK to emblazon the FIFA 11 logo along the side of the pitch, just don't put it in the match graphics, OK?

[ SOURCE: Media Week ]