Namco Bandai: Ridge Racer, Ace Combat just the start

More announcements on the way as firm bids to become "a major player in the West"

Last week was a big week for Namco Bandai, during which it revealed Bugbear-developed Ridge Racer Unbounded, showed off Demon's Souls' spiritual sequel Dark Souls and dated Ace Combat Assault Horizon, among other announcements.

But according to Lee Kirton, marketing director at Namco Bandai UK, there's much more to come from the publisher later this year as it looks to develop into a major player in the Western sector.


"We are growing incredibly as a company and it's a very exciting year for us," he told CVG. "We have a fantastic line up and probably the most diverse range of titles across all different audiences. We have real key winners for 2011.

"As a well a known gaming company, we are still focused on developing innovative new IP whilst gearing up to release re-births of existing major franchises. Ace Combat Assault Horizon, Pac-Man, and Ridge Racer are examples."

Kirton added. "This is the first key worldwide event this year and this was our opportunity to share with everyone the start of things to come and our focus. We have other key events throughout 2011 with even more new announcements to come. We have invested significantly in development with our ambition to grow and be a major player in the Western sector.

"We have classic franchises which remain faithful to the IP as well as some titles that will deliver exciting new game play mechanics to excite gamers today. We are also working to deliver new experiences and be innovative with leading titles in their genres."