Bungie's new universe 'represents huge long-term potential'

Activision touts 'exciting' Bungie game as 'key strategic growth initiative'

Activision's still keeping a secretive veil over whatever Bungie's working on, but was keen to express its excitement for the project during an investor call today.


"This is an opportunity which speaks for itself," it said of the impending Bungie game. "Bungie is one of the world's most gifted developers with one of the best track records in the industry. Although the title's not expected to launch this year, Bungie's new universe represents tremendous long-term potential for Activision Publishing," it added.

But the wait for even the first nugget of info on the title will continue, Activision saying it "can't share the specifics of the game with you today", but stressing its "absolute commitment and excitement to Bungie".

"This is one of our key strategic growth initiatives and we're setting the stage for this product now," it said.

Recent US copyright filings may have hinted at Bungie's first venture with Activision, which is a multi-platform franchise even set for mobile devices.