L.A Noire gameplay trailer: Dissected

Trailer Analysis: 94 screenshots from the first gameplay footage

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As the image above shows, the clues can be hiding away in seemingly insignificant details like a clothes label. We just hope the game doesn't do too much for us. Approaching a dead body is the obvious thing to do, looking for things like a label is where the detective work comes in and what will ultimately make us feel like grade A investigators. If we're given all the info we need as soon as we get to the obviously significant cold, battered woman, it might take something away from that.

Still, it's not clear how this kind of analysis works just yet, although this screen tells us that camera zoom and vibration will indicate points of interest.

When it comes to dealing with living people. It seems we'll be spending time following people, hiding behind newspapers (classic) and eves-dropping on conversations in real-time.


Interrogating, however, looks like it's based on either believing your witness/suspect's story, doubting it or straight up calling them out as a liar.

Obviously to do this you'll be making use of the game's amazing facial animation tech to look for the traits of deception, but it also looks like you'll be able to consult your notebook to see whether what the person in front of you is saying matches with what you already know.


And here's the notebook itself, the hub of the investigation. As you can see everything you find related to the case is logged here for later reference from the victim to possible murder weapons and motives.

And that, fellow detectives, is how we think the game will work in a nut-shell. We've stuck a tonne of screenshots at the bottom there for you to look over. Have a look and a talk.

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